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How the U.S. Supreme Court Section 1782 Decision Could Impact International Arbitrations

Section 1782 (28 U.S.C. § 1782) provides a powerful tool for parties embroiled in cross-border disputes. It authorizes, but does not require, a federal U.S. District Court to order a person or entity who “resides or is found” within the district to produce documents or testimony for use in a “proceeding in a foreign or international tribunal.”

Five Lease Provision Trends for South Florida Restauranteurs

South Florida is no longer just a destination to escape snow-filled winters. With relaxed COVID-19 restrictions and favorable tax laws, New Yorkers and other northerners have flocked to South Florida, relocating their families and businesses.

Nationwide Delays in COVID-19 Test Results

As COVID-19 cases continue to spike, many have voluntarily opted to undergo coronavirus testing while others have been required to undergo testing for employment reasons.